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There is a sunbeam coming through the windowpane. If the windowpane has a spot or mist, the sun won't be able to lighten it in order to transform it totally into light, as if  it would be clean from all those spots and without mixture. But, the less  it is enlightened, the less clean the windowpane. This does not depend on the sunbeam, but on the windowpane. So, if the windowpane is totally clean, the sunbeam shall transform it in such a way, as seeming the sunbeam itself and thus giving the same light. And, although the windowpane now seems the sunbeam, it has in reality a different nature from the same sunbeam. However, we can say that the windowpane is a sunbeam, or light by participation. 

John of the Cross

in Dark Night

Galera Miguel Justino

"Beings and bodies from earth and heaven" is diluted between the documental and the fictional in which the artist presents a group of drawings, a book and a video. The slow and meditative character of the works has been flowing along the time, as if each drawing would lead to the next one giving a pretext for a journey through time and go back to Christian mysticism while entering into dialogue with St. John of the Cross (Co-founder of the Discalced Carmelites with Saint Teresa of Avila, Spain, XVI century).

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