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​​Rosario Rebello de Andrade is a Portuguese artist who divides her time between Germany and Portugal. Rather than seing herself as a conceptual artist, her work has a strong conceptual background.​


In the past few years she has been working primarily on the concept of «mapping». She uses places of the globe — and other ones — as metaphors that enable philosophical meaning that tends to a "non-place" significance. On the other hand, her "landscapes" are "other" and far removed from traditional ones. 


She centers her interest mostly in the tradition of art history. While her studies primarily concentrated on painting,  she also uses mixed media, video and installation, depending on the need and concept of each project. She has also presented over the years an obvious intention to approach the different projects with considerable formal differences, attributing great importance to the quality/placticity of the work being recognizable.


Literature and poetry play a very important role in her work. She is interested in language and how the relationship between image and language is given to the viewer.









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