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Schloß Zeilitzheim​, 2011

The barok castle Zeilitzheim, which belongs to the family von Halem, is located in Bavaria in a very small village in the middle of the german countryside. Besides being the residency of the family, it is a place where many cultural events take place, such as classical concerts, lectures, exhibitions or conferences, etc. The visitors can also stay there overnight. Each room as a name which is related to the story of the castle and of the family.

Rosário Rebello de Andrade was invited to create a special event that should celebrate  a "encounter with Portugal".  In her intervention RRA creates a "path" for the viewer to follow  that should lead him in the discovering of the program offered in this event. At the end of this path, one film presents one person reading german for the first time in his life, a poem from the portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.


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