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installation, 1992 — 2015

The installation at Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in Lisbon in 1993 shows, among other, more than 80 paintings and drawings with diferent sizes, which take a five meters wall. The concept started with an intensive collection of different objects, which were later (through objective or subjective associations) systematic transformed. For instance, the idea of copying styles: the artist painted the same motive — a hand — over exhisting originals like drawings, paintings, illustrations, photos, etc.; in other cases, the style of the frame would be chosen taking in account the sort of painting that should "fit to it"; or when 380 drawings with the same motive were made from 380 different persons, on request of the artist, and later together assembled. Each of the works is assuming another function then the original.

RRA returns often in her work to this first installation and sees it as part of her biography.

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