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celestial charts
EDP Foundation, 2012


The artist, who deals in her work with the theme of the memory, presents on this show a group of paintings and drawings in which this memory appears as projected cities. In each continent, Rosário Rebello de Andrade chooses a town to which she as personal connections: Lisbon, Berlin, New York, Canberra, Cape Town and Quioto. In the related maps and keeping the same scale for all of them, she marks the crossings, intersections and squares — giving body to the urban points that appear in the paintings like mirrors of star meadows, as if they were true celestial charts. These are alive cities, as of an heart beating, while reflecting starry skies. And to each of them the artist dedicates an island with the name of each local cemiteriy. A forgoten territory placed by the artist in the nearest ocean.


João Pinharanda (catalogue)

José Vítor Malheiros

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